Just pick one already – basics

As usual, this list was lifted from Meg Fowler. The instructions are simple: just pick the item in each pair that applies or appeals to you more – and if you have no preference, flip a coin or something. You have to come down on one side or the other. My choices are in bold type, and comments are in italics.

Coffee or tea?
PC or Mac? (although I use both – PC at work, Mac at home)
Kids or no? (way too late to change this one!)
Political or no?
Summer or winter? (but really, spring more than either)
Artificial sweeteners or sugar?
Fries or salad? (I wish I could pick differently, but I gotta be honest…)
Lake or ocean?
Own or rent? (Owned once, and it might happen again, but probably not any time soon…)
Email or phone? (just ask all the people I never call)
Traditional medical care or natural remedies?
Vegetarian (or vegan) or carnivore?
Apples or oranges?
Follow celeb culture or no? (I’m not completely tuned out, but I don’t really get sucked in either)
Liberal or conservative? (more of a moderate with liberal leanings)
Rural or urban?
Car or SUV?
Atheist or not (“not” includes agnostics)?
Marriage: necessary or no? (desirable and/or preferable for various legal reasons, perhaps, but not strictly necessary)
Cable or not? (We really can’t get a TV signal without it – and besides, Burn Notice is a cable show!)
Campsite or hotel?
Alcohol or no? (most of the time)
Up early or up late (if given the choice)?
News online or news on TV?

Your turn! If you answer on your own blog, please leave me a link so I can check it out, or just tell me in the comments!

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  1. Okay, here it goes:
    PC, but I want to try Macs.
    No, but I’m working towards political with this election.
    Fries, don’t tell my doctor.
    Lake, closer and no scary things in lakes, usually.
    Traditional Medical care
    No, but it is hard to miss the celeb stuff.
    Liberal, I guess.
    I guess marriage is not necessary; people can certainly make their own choice.
    Hotel, without a doubt
    Up late, I’m not a morning person.
    News online.

    I think I answered them all. I know I skip some sometimes. 🙂

  2. Mike – Actually, you missed the two drinking questions:

    Coffee or tea? Sorry Dr Pepper isn’t one of the options :-). Alcohol or no? I think I know the answer there; I’ll put you down as a “yes.”

    You have a good point about lakes, unless you’re in Scotland.

    Thanks for playing along!

  3. Tea (but I don’t often drink it)
    No children
    Artificial sweeteners
    Traditional medical care
    Carnivore (although I really eat very little meat when it comes right down to it)
    Follow celeb culture (but not to an extreme and only through magazines like EW–I’m not much for celeb gossip otherwise)
    Liberal (Like you, I’m more moderate than anything, but I lean more liberal than conservative)
    Not atheist
    Marriage: Not necessary
    No alcohol
    Up early
    News online