Bookworms Carnival #14 – The scoop

It occurs to me that my announcement that I’ll be hosting the August Bookworms Carnival might need a little background information, especially if this is your first invitation to the Carnival.

The monthly Bookworms Carnival is organized and facilitated by Dewey at The Hidden Side of a Leaf, but each individual Carnival is conducted by a volunteer host.  While the Carnival’s aim is to help build the book-blogging community, please note that you do NOT have to have a books blog in order to participate – ALL bloggers are welcome, as long as you’re able to submit a post that fits the carnival’s theme!

As the host blogger, I have chosen the theme “You’re Never Too Old – Children’s and Young-Adult Literature.” Since these seem to be popular genres with bloggers, I’m hoping for a successful Carnival with lots of submissions!  Decisions on which submissions to accept, and how many to include in the Carnival, will be made solely at my discretion.

The “You’re Never Too Old” carnival is open to various types of posts. Some examples: book reviews (of course), posts remembering your favorite kids’ and YA books and/or those you’ve shared with your own kids, critical discussions of the genre, even your own short fiction written for a kids’/YA audience. The posts don’t have to be new, either – if you have something in your archives that fits the theme and you’d like it to be included, go for it!

Your submission should be posted at your own blog no later than the submissions deadline of August 8th (obviously, this won’t be a problem if you’re submitting an archive post). Please e-mail the link to your post to me at 3.rsblog AT gmail DOT com, and include “Bookworms Carnival” in the subject line. My Carnival post will collect all the links, and readers will have to click through to your blogs to read the submitted posts.

Feel free to grab a Bookworms Carnival button from Dewey’s Carnival Info page, and add it to your submitted post at your blog.  When the Carnival goes up, I’d appreciate it if you’d link back to it here – community-building is all about the linky love, right?

I’d like to reiterate that you do NOT have to be a “book blogger” to join in! The readers here come from a variety of blogosphere niches, so no matter what you usually blog about, you’re more than welcome to blog about children’s and young-adult literature for this Bookworms Carnival. I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s submissions!

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments for this post or e-mail me.

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  1. Mike – Thank YOU; your questions yesterday are what made me realize I’d better write this :-)! I’m glad you’re going to join in.

    Bobbi – I got your e-mail; thanks for participating!