Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha – this meme’s NOT for you!

I haven’t quite decided whether I plan to see the Sex and the City movie or not. I came late to the TV show since I didn’t have HBO for a few years, but I enjoyed it in a non-obsessive manner. Seeing the movie partly depends on whether anyone wants to make it a girls’ afternoon/night out; failing that, I’ll have to decide whether I want to see it enough to go on my own. For the record, I don’t mind seeing movies by myself, but I haven’t done it in the three years Tall Paul and I have been together, since we both enjoy movie-going. However, he has told me that there’s no way in hell he’s seeing this one (which means he can see Hellboy II without me).

In any case, even if you’re not truly anti-SatC, this meme – “for feisty, spirited women who share our lives and support one another, yet are also slovenly and/or miserly (or is it practical?)” – which I found via Average Jane, is fun, and fairly short:

What’s the cheapest pair of shoes you own?: It would be easier to tell you the most expensive pair of shoes, which I think are the ones I bought for my wedding ($79, maybe?). I buy nearly all my shoes at Payless, with occasional stops at the Easy Spirit shoe outlet. Size 5 can be hard to find; some stores consider it a kids’ or youth size. I’d rather have more shoes than spend a lot of money on any single pair.

What’s your favorite piece of jewelry, if you own any?: My wedding rings, which I wear every day. After that, it would be an aquamarine (my birthstone) pendant in a silver setting, on a sterling-silver chain (which cost me $14 in a little shop on Cannery Row in Monterey).

What’s your favorite t-shirt?: I don’t really wear T-shirts with messages or writing very often. But I did get a nice music-themed graphic T in Memphis last year that I’ll wear more often now that it’s warmer.

If you could wear jeans every day, would you? I wouldn’t if the weather got too hot – then I’d switch to capris or shorts. But I’d probably wear them at least half the time, maybe more.

Do you comb your hair every day? You probably can’t tell by looking at it, but yes, I actually do.

Play along if you like!

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  1. I think I will see it and play too. πŸ™‚

    What’s the cheapest pair of shoes you own?

    The white flip flops with big flower on them I got on the dollar row at Target.

    What’s your favorite piece of jewelry, if you own any?:

    Wedding rings, and then watch, and then silver hoops with interchangeable dangle beads.

    What’s your favorite t-shirt?:

    My MOMOcrats radical liberal no McCain t-shirt. πŸ™‚

    If you could wear jeans every day, would you?

    No, don’t like jeans. I wear khakis if I wear pants.

    Do you comb your hair every day?

    OMS no! I have curly/frizzy hair. Combs and brushes are my enemy.

  2. The least expensive pair of shoes I won are a pair of brown flip flops I got at the 100 Yen store… for 100Y (=$0.96).

    I have a few pieces of favorite jewelery. First and foremost is my gorgeous diamond engagement ring and diamond wedding band. Major Bling!! Then there is the sapphire and diamond ring and pendant set that the Hubby bought me in Thailand. Then there’s the sapphire and diamond ring my folks bought me as well as a garnet and diamond pendant. My latest beauty was my anniversary gift this year from the hubby. A 12 carat garnet and white gold ring!! AWESOME!!!

    My favorite t’s are my Old Navy t’s that I wear all the time. I have a spectrum of them.

    I wear jeans almost everyday. They are from Lane Bryant and extra comfy. Just enough stretch but I forget they have stretch in them because they are so comfy. I have three pairs in dark blue.

    I am obsessive about my hair. I like it to look very put together yet simple at all times. I’ve always loved doing my hair and have spent countless hours of my life curling it and straightening it.

  3. It looks like the 100Yen store beats out Target for cheap flip-flops! Good to know if you’re ever in Okinawa :-).

    Julie – My hair’s got a lot of curl too. I found the best way to get it under control was to move somewhere with low humidity – not an option for everyone, of course.

    PlanetBooks – Sounds like you’ve got some great jewelry! And you have to love jeans with just enough stretch.

    Thanks for playing along!

  4. My cheapest pair of shoes: flip-flops from Ardenne’s, $1.99.

    Favourite jewellry: necklace bought me by my husband for my birthday some years ago. I wear it a LOT. I also have quite few earrings I really like.

    T-shirt: don’t tend to look good on me, but my current favourite is a black one with “Healing Hands” on it in pale green script, a fun-raiser for my eldest daughter’s massage therapy class.

    Jeans? I wear them for work every day throughout the cold months, but as soon as the weather gets warm enough, I haul out the skirts. I love skirts; for work, long, flowing ones.

    Comb my hair? I never comb it. I remember to brush it 90% of the time. (Toddlers are not picky sorts…)

  5. MaryP – With curly hair, a wide-tooth comb tends to be more effective than a brush, so I comb more and brush less.

    I mostly wear skirts for work as well – I just wish I were tall enough to carry off those long, flowing ones, because I love that look.

  6. I never took to Sex and the City and so I doubt I will see the movie. I know my husband isn’t interested–and he was the one who wanted to watch the TV show the times we did watch it. I will be going to see Hellboy though–maybe on DVD if the reviews aren’t so good. Having met one of the creators of the character, I’m much more interested now.

    As for the questions . . . Like you, I could probably tell you the most expensive pair of shoes I own, but not the cheapest. Payless is one of my favorite haunts, although lately I’ve had trouble finding comfortable dress shoes there.

    I don’t think I have a favorite t-shirt. And like you, whether I would wear jeans all day if I could would depend a lot on the weather.

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a cross necklace. I am not a religious person, but it has sentimental value to me.

    I brush my hair every day. I don’t always use a comb.

  7. Literary Feline – You’ve met one of the creators of Hellboy? Did that happen at the Festival of Books? πŸ™‚ I actually may end up seeing it myself – I just like telling Tall Paul that he can go without me.

    It’s certainly been jeans weather around here lately – except for when it’s been bathing-suit weather. What’s to blame – global warming or El Nino?

  8. I hope I didn’t come in to late for the fun!
    Lets see…

    Cheapest pair of shoes. Probably the sandles I got at a BOGO sale at Payless which were a few dollars.

    I used to wear alot more jewelry than I do now. Currently I have no wedding ring, I have destroyed two already. I’m pretty hard on my hands. So I wear a ring with a beautiful piece of pink coral that my husband got me on a trip to Hawaii. I have some really beautiful pieces though.

    I don’t usually wear tee shirts but I am now because I spilled something on my nicer shirt while cooking and it’s in the wash. I hate that!

    I like a variety of jeans, pants, shorts, capris, and even skirts for every day. Whatever strikes my mood that day.

    I do comb my hair every day. Not that it helps much.

  9. Jaimie – It’s never too late to play along – glad you did! I’m also glad that I’m not the only one who spills stuff on herself while cooking :-).

    And “I comb my hair every day. Not that it helps much” would totally apply to me too!