Ten on Tuesday 2-19: 10 Things You Love

Last week’s “note theme” at Work It, Mom! was “What are little things that make you happy?” That seems to be another way of looking at this week’s “10 Things You Love” Ten on Tuesday prompt, so I’m going to expand on those answers – I’ve got ten groups of things here! In no particular order:

My husband’s laugh
My husband’s bad jokes
Making my husband laugh at my bad jokes
Laughing with my husband
When the whole family is laughing

Making the drive to work in under an hour
Making the drive home from work in under an hour

Saturday morning coffee at Starbucks with my sister
Saturday morning coffee at Starbucks with a book

Soending time – and let’s be honest, money too – in a bookstore
Discovering a great new-to-me author
Reading the latest book by an “old-friend” writer (one who is well-represented in my bookshelves and LibraryThing listing)
Getting a nice long stretch of reading time
Relaxing in my armchair with my husband on the couch, and each of us is reading

Chewy brownies with chocolate chips
Pasta with perfectly-seasoned tomato sauce and freshly grated cheese
Experimenting in the kitchen and having it turn out well
My stepson telling me that I should go on Iron Chef because I’m a “really good cook”

Hearing a new song that really grabs me, and going home to download it from iTunes
Hearing an old song I always liked and remembering it’s not in my music library, and going home to download it from iTunes
Learning all the words to a song so I can sing along with it on my iPod

Petting my dog
Being greeted by my dog when I come home

A good hair day
Wearing a favorite outfit
Finding a new outfit on sale

Not being rushed
A day that goes according to plan

Writing blog posts
Validation that people might be reading my blog posts: visitor stats, subscribers and, especially, comments! So if you’d leave me one, I’d really appreciate it.

There’s lots of love to go around at the main post on Ten on Tuesday!

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  1. Alisonwonderland – It just kind of happened that way, really. But it worked for this prompt, since it let me list a lot more than 10. 🙂

    I love some of the things on your list, too!

  2. Pam – It was a fun list, too. I couldn’t have limited it to just ten, so I’m glad that my mind has that little associative quirk that makes it group things together. 🙂

  3. Well, that put me in a good mood! 🙂 I let out a big sigh of contentment when I finished reading your list, Florinda. I can understand why you love all those things. 🙂