Now THAT hits the spot…or not

I found this Find Your Spot survey via Alisonwonderland. It’s a bit more comprehensive than a BlogThings quiz – the questions go into a lot more detail. After selecting your preferences about various local amenities and their importance to you, you’ll get a list of 24 “top spot” U.S. cities, in no particular order, that might be good places for you to live. Give it a try yourself!

My list didn’t include a hometown for either my inner or outer Californian. Like Alison, I’m going to guess that this is due to the fact that my housing-cost selection was probably too low – that is, I didn’t check the most-expensive option. But realistically, I think both my Californians are staying where they are for at least the next ten years, thanks to things like school-aged children and custody arrangements. There’s also the consideration of extended family here too, and parents who aren’t getting any younger. In the meantime, perhaps we might make some travel plans…the results are food for thought, anyway.

Portland, Oregon
Never been, wouldn’t mind visiting…

Seattle, Washington
Never been, wouldn’t mind visiting – but could someone please let me know one of the four days a year when it’s not raining? 🙂

Little Rock, Arkansas
Funny, this list gave me several cities within a reasonable drive from Memphis, but not my old hometown itself. I’ve driven through Little Rock a couple of times, but never stayed…does that mean anything?

Knoxville, Tennessee
My son spent five years there (GO VOLS!), and I never made it there till the week of his college graduation, last spring. He really liked it there, though, and I liked what I saw of it; I’d go back, but not during a football weekend.

Long Island, New York
Depends what part of “Lawn Guyland” you’re talking about… (My sister is probably snorting over this one)

Providence, Rhode Island
I think I drove through there once when I lived in Connecticut as a child…don’t remember much about it.

New Haven, Connecticut
Not where I lived as a child in Connecticut – and back then, other than Yale, New Haven didn’t have a lot to recommend itself. Maybe things have changed….

Hartford, Connecticut
Apparently this thing thinks I should move back to New England. I can’t say I’ve considered that very much – I don’t think I’m that up for the winters anymore.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Drove through it once…

Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Part of Pennsylvania’s state-capital metropolis, along with Harrisburg – never would have crossed my mind, to be honest

Nashville, Tennessee
Conflicted about this one due to my Memphis roots, and the long-standing music-city rivalry between these two towns

Boston, Massachusetts
NOW we’re talking! I love Boston – it’s my favorite East Coast city. It does have that New England winter issue, though…

Charleston, South Carolina
Never been, wouldn’t mind visiting…

Augusta, Georgia
Funny, I said golf was not at all important to me…

New York City, New York
My birthplace! I think I’m too old to deal with it all as a resident now, though…but I’d really like to go back as a tourist. (Tall Paul and Tall Girl are going next month; he’s one of the parent chaperones for her drama-class trip.)

Lexington, Kentucky
Never been, haven’t really thought about visiting

El Paso, Texas
Totally wouldn’t have crossed my mind. No offense to any El Paso-ites, but I’ve always gotten the impression that nobody really wants to live in El Paso. I’m going to take an “el paso” on this suggestion, but thanks anyway.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Visited a couple of times as a child, and hadn’t ever thought about being anything other than a visitor…

Baltimore, Maryland
Never been, wouldn’t mind visiting…and since it’s not far from DC, where my son lives now, chances are probably pretty good that I eventually will get there!

Worcester, Massachusetts
More candidates from New England…Can’t recall whether I’ve been through here or not

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Drove through once, and would actually like to go back

Jacksonville, Florida
Sorry, nice try, but this one’s on the El Paso list. I have no intention of living in Florida again, and even if I did, it would not be in Jacksonville.

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Go Razorbacks! No, can’t do it…

Medford, Oregon
Never been, hadn’t thought about visiting, but you know, why not? Of course, this isn’t just my decision, so I hope that my husband’s list (assuming he takes the survey too) has at least some of the same cities on it that mine does!

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  1. I love surveys like this. Anytime I travel, I often ask myself whether I would like to live in the places we visit and I enjoy a little daydream about imagining what life would be like if I did settle down there. My husband thinks I’m nuts. Haha

    I was surprised at how many southern cities made my list. I’ve never been to the South and so I haven’t a clue if the cities would be a good match. Oregon made my list twice. And Santa Cruz and Valencia came up for California.

  2. Literary Feline – Well, if your husband thinks you’re nuts for imagining what it would be like to live in places you visit, Wendy, he’d think I am too, because I’ve been known to do the same. 🙂

    There are definitely things I miss about living in the south. And Valencia’s not too far from me.

  3. Now there’s an eclectic list!

    But, hey, it’s been sunny in Seattle ALL WEEK. One of our dirty little secrets is that it doesn’t rain here as much as people think. Don’t tell. August and September are nearly all sunny. Truly Eden-like.

    Again, please keep this to yourself.

  4. we actually ended up with several of the same cities, Florinda! some more things we have in common, i guess, besides our professions and our love of books …

    i was going to tell you that when i last visited Seattle, the weather was fabulous! but Working Girl apparently doesn’t want that well-known, so i won’t say it … 🙂

  5. Working Girl – Apparently Alison knows Seattle’s secret too, but she’s agreed to take the vow of silence. But thanks for the tip – now I’ll know when to plan that visit!

    Alisonwonderland – Since you took this quiz first, I did notice we had a few of the same cities – yep, more things in common!

  6. This was a lot of fun! Here’s my list:

    Honolulu, Hawaii
    Portland, Oregon
    Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
    San Bernardino, California
    Valencia, California
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Baltimore, Maryland
    El Cajon, California
    Ventura, California
    Frederick, Maryland
    Corvallis, Oregon
    Eugene, Oregon
    Santa Barbara, California
    Sacramento, California
    Charleston, West Virginia
    Alexandria, Louisiana
    Little Rock, Arkansas
    Boston, Massachusetts
    Los Angeles, California
    Palm Springs/Palm Desert, California
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    Salem, Oregon
    Hartford, Connecticut
    Cape Cod, Massachusetts

    Interestingly, Cape Cod is one of my favorite places (we go there twice a year) and so is Hawaii (heading there this week in fact). And I went to school in Boston but it’s too cold there for my retirement! There are some other interesting choices on the list, including Portland, Oregon – which we have been to and it’s a really nice town with a lot to offer.

  7. Mauigirl – Enjoy your trip to Hawaii – I’ve never been, and I am SO envious! This list looks like you could be a Cali girl too; I live near Ventura, and it’s a really nice town.

  8. I’ve noticed in my stats tracker that this post has been getting a few visits from El Paso, and I wanted to say “thanks” for not leaving any offended comments about my comment about your town. I do like the song about it, though, if that counts for anything…and I’m always open to hearing another perspective.