Calling all friends of the libraries!

Yeah, I know I’ve posted a hundred times today – a hazard of a day off at home, with kids who are old enough not to require constant attention – but this item has a timeliness factor involved.

I mantioned Pamie in this week’s “Scrapactular” round-up. I’m quite sure that’s the first time she had ever heard of me, but as a fan of her old Gilmore Girls recaps on Television Without Pity, I’ve known about her for quite a few years now. She’s kicking off a great project for the fifth time, and here’s what it’s about:

We’re proud to announce the launch of the 2008 Dewey Donation System Fundraiser/Book Drive.

This year we’ve teamed up with the Rockhouse Foundation to help fund a brand new library for the Negril All Ages School in Jamaica, and we’re surprising the Children’s Institute in Los Angeles — an organization that helps children who have been affected by violence in their homes or communities.

You know what can happen when the right book is placed in your hands, when a safe haven opens its doors and says, “You’re okay here.” Please help pass along that feeling. Send a book, send some money, but please send something. You’re about to change lives. I know that sounds all super-emotional and extreme, but after five years of doing these book drives, I can tell you that those words aren’t extreme enough.

Go here to find out all the details about how you can help.

I know that the book-lovers who come to this blog can relate to the sentence I bolded above. And I wouldn’t be trying to encourage y’all to help out with this effort if I weren’t willing to do it myself – I just ordered four books from the Children’s Institute wish lists to be sent to them.
I hope you’ll think about making a donation to one or both of this year’s beneficiaries, and please help spread the word!

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