Got anything to eat? Food for thought

You’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Do you agree? Do you agree in principle, but not in action? Seriously, you need to eat breakfast. It has so many proven benefits. Denise at BlogHer has a roundup of posts about the importance of breakfast, and it pointed me to the “What Kind of Breakfast Are You?” Blogthings quiz posted at Melody’s Reading Corner. Here’s what it told me:

You Are Cereal

Playful and lighthearted, breakfast is likely your favorite meal of the day.
(In fact, you’re probably the type who sneaks cereal as a midnight snack.)
Your culinary skills are probably a bit lacking… and you are a sucker for junk food.
Some people accuse you of eating like a kid, but you prefer to think of yourself as low maintenance.
What Kind of Breakfast Are You?

This time Blogthings does NOT have me totally pegged; I eat less junk food than most people I know, and I’m quite proficient in the kitchen, thank you. I just prefer not to cook all the time. However, I definitely am capable of eating breakfast foods at any time of day – pancakes for dinner has always been a favorite of mine.

I actually switched to oatmeal instead of cold cereal several months ago – it holds me longer, which matters since I eat breakfast early and lunch relatively late. Most mornings, I have a bowl of oatmeal, a banana, and a glass of pineapple juice before I leave for work, and take my coffee with me on the road.

I know some people find it difficult to eat in the morning, or prefer nontraditional breakfasts – lately, my stepdaughter has been opting for leftovers or chicken nuggets, but she’s 13 and we’re probably lucky she eats anything before school. What’s your relationship with breakfast – and what kind of breakfast are you?

It’s not just for breakfast anymore – if it ever was – but java junkies should check out “Entrepreneur Mom” Aliza’s “Ode to Coffee” at WIM. I think she sums it all up very well.

Time for another round of Meg Fowler’s “Choose Ye”: pick the food you prefer from each pair. You can only pick one, and must pick one. My choices are in bold type.

Lemon or lime?

Edamame or corn on the cob?

Curries or jambalaya?

Papaya or mango? (Not really sure on this one, to be honest)

Coffee or tea?

Still or sparkling water?

Lobster or crabcakes?

Stew or stirfry?

Vinaigrette or ranch/creamy dressing?

7-UP or Coke? (I don’t drink soda, but my husband considers Coke the nectar of the gods, so I know which one I’d better pick!)

Bell peppers or carrots?

Milk or soy milk?

Nacho or potato chips?

Lettuce or spinach?

Gummi bears or licorice? (Truthfully? Can’t stand either one)

Potatoes or rice?

Sourdough or multigrain?

Chocolate or vanilla?

Sushi or teriyaki?

BBQ or pizza? (Unless I’m in Memphis – then it’s BBQ all the way!)

Olives or pickles? (But really, neither)

Sandwich or salad?

Roast chicken or roast beef?

Hot fudge or caramel?

Risotto or pasta?

Apple pie or lemon meringue?

Appetizers or dessert?

Grapes or berries?

Ice cream or sorbet?

<!– –>

Well, my food opinions are pretty well-defined, I guess; these were some of the easiest choices I’ve ever made. What are your picks?

And in the tradition of Talking Heads’ More Songs About Buildings and Food, I’m appending this week’s iPod Random Ten to a food post – ten songs that probably won’t have anything to do with either buildings or food.

“No Surrender,” Bruce Springsteen
“The Captain & the Kid,” Elton John
“I-95,” Fountains of Wayne (a road, not a building)
“I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You),” John Mayer
“Gene & Eddie,” The Brian Setzer Orchestra
“Have a Nice Day,” Bon Jovi
“I’m Looking Through You,” The Beatles
“Tempted,” Squeeze
“Ever Present Past,” Paul McCartney
“Hold On Tight,” ELO

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  1. I did the Blogthings and found I am EGGS for breakfast. I think the description worked pretty well for me – said I take the time to make myself breakfast in the morning which is true – it is indeed the most important meal to me! If I skip breakfast I get a headache. I don’t make eggs during the week though!

  2. Mauigirl – I find it pretty challenging time-wise to cook anything for breakfast during the week too. But I do agree that it’s important to eat one!

  3. I admit I often skip breakfast. It’s a good idea to eat something when trying to lose weight, but I’m usually running late and don’t take the time. I do try and eat a mid-morning snack at least. Something breakfasty.

  4. LF – The important thing is eating something nutritious somewhere between waking up and lunchtime.

    This is an ongoing discussion with my husband; he eats breakfast on the mornings the kids are with us, but on other days he doesn’t – or it’s a snack cake and a Coke from 7-11 on the way to work. Technically better than nothing, but not much. πŸ™