The year in posts – beginning and end

While we’re reviewing…I came across this meme via Average Jane, and adapted it.

: Paste the first line of your first post AND the last line of your last post for each month, starting with January 2007. Links are optional.

Well, my blog did not exist until March 2007, but I’m playing anyway.

March start – I’m not sure how much I remember about some of these now, so the notes may not be too long.
March endAnd since I wasn’t the only Book Club member who had that reaction, we actually had a pretty good discussion.
(Those two posts were my entire March output. I started slow, what can I tell you?)
April startMarch 2007 Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, Ayelet Waldman
(a book post – those don’t usually have real opening lines)
April end
Especially if we’re even the slightest bit insecure about any of our choices – and who’s not, in the big scheme of things and considering all the alternatives? – we do tend to feel comforted and validated by those who are going the same way we are, and may feel defensive about and challenged by those who aren’t, and it seems to me that this underlies a lot of this “mommy wars” stuff (and yes, I won’t argue that the media certainly underlies most of it.)
May startThe title is a minor fib – this catch-up post includes one book I didn’t get to write about before I went out of town last week (but that’s a separate post).
(and some book posts do have opening lines)
May end – I made a comment on her second post, and Susan actually acknowledged it! I’m a newbie to the commenting side of blogging, so it’s exciting for me. It’s part of this link.
June start(I shudder to think how many headlines/titles resembling this one are being written today…)
(a post recognizing the 40th anniversary of the release of Sgt. Pepper)
June end
Wrapped Around Your Finger, The Police
(my very first “iPod Random Ten” post!)
July startThe Jane Austen Book Club, Karen Joy Fowler
(resolved: start using an intro for book review posts!)
July end
Going through divorce is a lousy experience, but I would think that killing someone – not to mention going to jail – has to be a much worse one.
August startThanks to the Consumerist blog for an awesome money post.
August end – But I know there are plenty of people who – consciously or not – have a need for drama and will create it for themselves if it’s lacking; they can look to either side for ideas.
September startThe Good Life, Jay McInerney
(see “resolved” for July!)
September end – In my case, I just shouldn’t drink it at night.
October startHis Lovely Wife, by Elizabeth Dewberry
(yeah, I know…)
October endIf you want to know more about this, you should probably be asking my son – he’s the fantasy-baseball expert, not me.
November start – Most of last week’s fires will soon be history, thank goodness, but another Santa Ana winds “event” is forecast for the end of this week, so we’re getting braced and hoping it won’t be as harsh as the last one.
November endLiterary Feline says she’s taken a liking to it.
December start – One of my original blogging inspirations was my son.
December end -see the lasy line of this post! (Now I have to promise I won’t be back today…)

Just in case I do this again at the end of 2008, I should not only have an intro/opening for my book posts, I should consider making my first post of each month something other than a book post!

A fun little exercise; let me know if you decide to do the same thing.

Have a great last day of 2007! Any big New Year’s Eve plans? The kids are with their mom for New Year’s, so it’s an adult evening alone. 🙂 We’re thinking about a marathon with the 30 Rock Season 1 DVDs. We live large around here.

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  1. Happy New Year, Florinda! It’s been quiet here. Hubby and I were sitting at our computers when the clocks rolled over to midnight. We almost didn’t notice. I’m not sure what we plan to do tomorrow, but I hate that it’s the last day before I have to return to work. I’ve enjoyed my time off. My animals have gotten used to me being home. 🙁

  2. Literary Feline – Happy New Year, Wendy! At least you and hubby made it to midnight local time. Tall Paul and I marked midnight in Times Square, and stayed awake till midnight Central time. 🙂 Sometimes I love living on the West Coast for strange reasons.

    I worked half-days last week, but will be off for all of this week. At least it will be a short work week, though.