Well, sort of. It’s nearly my 200th post, and I’m very excited to be here! (Officially, I think it’s #196. I’m jumping the gun on it a little to tie in to something else – see the * below.)

This endeavor has turned out to be very enjoyable, and in ways I didn’t expect. I didn’t know that I would like the writing itself as much as I do – getting to 200 posts in a little more than six months is actually a bit of a shock! I didn’t anticipate that I’d find reading other people’s blogs so inspiring, mentally and emotionally. I didn’t think much about participating in the interaction that goes on between bloggers and readers, and becoming part of a community that way. Heck, I figured it would be a wonder if anyone who didn’t know me personally actually read this thing – but interestingly, it’s the opposite, as far as I can tell. Do other bloggers have the same experience?

But I do keep up with stats on this critter, and I know that it’s got some regular subscribers, some frequent visitors who may or may not subscribe formally, and some random traffic. There are a few readers who leave comments often – THANK YOU! – but I’d love to know a little more about you, if you’re stopping by. Please leave me a comment, even if – especially if! – you never have before. I’m especially curious about how you found this blog in the first place, and whether you’re an occasional or a regular visitor. (I know I’ve just about missed “Delurker Day*,” but please play anyway!)

And having reached this threshold so quickly, I think it may be time to slow the posting pace, and possibly even miss a day or two sometimes. There are some things I’ve been missing in other parts of my life as I’ve been getting going over here, and I need to re-allocate my time. But I’m not planning on going away, and I hope you’ll stay tuned for more Reading, ‘Riting, and Randomness!

*Click on the link above and leave a comment on Sunshine’s post, too – AND please let her know I sent you! She’s running a contest until Tuesday 10/9 – the details are there.*

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  1. Yeah, I find that almost everyone who visits my blog are people I haven’t actually met. The one exception are my friends who happen to blog too – they visit regularly.

  2. Pam – That makes sense. Not many of my real-life friends blog – or read blogs much, or even really seem to “get” blogging in the first place. (And the ones that do will rarely go on the record with a comment. :-))

  3. Hmmm, now I don’t remember how I found your blog. But I’m glad I did!

    Most of my friends don’t blog, and don’t even know what a blog is. I gave one friend my URL. She reported, “I went to your site and I looked and looked and couldn’t find your blog anywhere!”

    “The whole thing is a blog,” I said.


  4. Working Girl – This is me chuckling over that one. 😀

    My mother-in-law asked for a link to my blog. My husband told her it’s in the signature to every e-mail I send her. I don’t think she’s been here yet, though.

    I think I actually found your blog first, via someone else’s (Almost Got It’s, maybe?), and left a comment on one of your posts, and that’s how you ended up here. But I’m not sure…however it happened, it’s good to know you!

  5. Hi! I saw your blog on PunditMom so I’m here for the first time! I’ll be back! 😉

    One of my good friends is an avid blog reader, and reads my blog regularly but seldom comments. But most of my readers are people I never met in person. My husband doesn’t even read my blog very often!

  6. Mauigirl – Welcome! Thanks for stopping by – and thanks to PunditMom for sending you!

    My husband actually does read my blog, so I have to say nice things about him :-). But he doesn’t comment, except in person.