The nerdiest and proudest of all

Don’t be afraid to take the Nerd Test! It will even tell you if you really aren’t a nerd.

When I found someone with a higher “nerd ranking” on another blog (see the comments for this post), I shared the information with Tall Paul, and it got his competitive juices flowing. (If you haven’t taken the test yet, one of the questions asks you why you’re taking it – one of the answer choices is “to beat someone else’s score.”) His new result:

He manipulated his answers to get these scores. Should I be scared that he knew exactly how to game the test in order to be anointed a “Nerd God?”

And for the record, I prefer the title “Lord High Uber-Nerd.” In fact, he’s thinking of UBERNRD for his next car’s vanity plate.

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  1. My husband took it and reported he is “sort of” a nerd. He said he was embarrassed to post his results. . . . .

    . . . . .either because he wants to be more or less nerdy. Am not clear on which. Both, in a way, are bad.

    As for moi, I thought I would be more nerdish than I scored (hey, I do like some science fiction!), but apparently my preference for real live books puts me beyond the pale. Or, as I like to think, well within the pale!

    (Oh, and thanks for the link!)

  2. Working Girl – I absolutely agree with your second point, and told my husband the same thing. (His competitive streak surfaces in strange ways sometimes.) The funny thing is, I don’t think he comes across as that much of a nerd until you spend some time with him, but he disagrees – he thinks it’s obvious from the get-go.

    Oh, and thanks for playing! 🙂