Weather report

This southern girl felt right at home when she stepped outside at 5:45 this morning to walk the dog. It was already 73 degrees, and the humidity was thick. When we got downstairs to the open sidewalk, we discovered it was actually drizzling – rain has been rare this year anyway, but in the summer it’s especially unusual.

Unfortunately, this is one of the three things I miss least about the South.

Southern Cal is scorching right now, but we normally experience a dry heat, and it really does make a difference. Low humidity allows the overnight temperatures to drop noticeably (at least 30 degrees most nights) and provide cool mornings and evenings, and the body does adjust to that quickly. But we’re definitely in a sticky stretch right now, and since the warmest months here are August and September, we may be in for this for awhile. The humidity and lack of wind will help hold down the fire danger, at least…

Welcome to paradise.

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  1. Hey, you would love Seattle right now! It’s cool and sunny at the same time.

    Suggestion: You could become nocturnal. Then you would have gotten to enjoy the eclipse. It was cool.

  2. WG Seattle sounds just great right now. Sigh.

    I get up at 4:30 most mornings, so I did see a little of the eclipse from my window – unfortunately, I didn’t realize it until I went back out with my dog at 5:45 and it was over. Again…sigh.