Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things You’ll Never Do Again

“Never” is a dangerous thing to say, as is “always.” I’m one for the qualifiers – “usually,” “probably” or “probably not,” “maybe” – as opposed to the absolutes. Looking over some of the other lists posted for today’s Ten on Tuesday, I’m apparently not the only one who feels that way, which is reassuring…and having said that, here are “10 Things I’ll PROBABLY Never Do Again,” in no particular order. Some are little things, some aren’t.

  1. Eat brussels sprouts. I’m not anti-veggies in general, but these guys – no. And I did try them once, so this is from experience.
  2. Cook eggplant parmagiana. Again, it’s not that I’m anti-veggies, but my husband is. (And oddly enough, this was my first husband’s favorite, which is probably another good reason not to go there again…)
  3. Live in Florida. Spent my high-school and college years there, and have no wish to re-live those
  4. Live anywhere that has a really harsh winter.
  5. Like a few other TT participants who won’t buy generic something-or-other again – buy another box of that icky store-brand oatmeal I tried last week!
  6. Read another book by Anita Shreve – they’ve all irritated the heck out of me, and if one gets chosen by my book club again, I’m skipping that meeting.
  7. Work at a zoo – and this is one I’d WANT to do again, I just don’t think it’ll happen. Bummer.
  8. Live without a dog for any significant length of time. When Gypsy passes on – hopefully not for many more years! – I’ll wait a while before looking for a new four-legged friend, but I will have another dog eventually.
  9. Dance (again). Guilty feet have got no rhythm. (Sorry, I should have tried harder to resist that one.) But seriously, since my husband says surviving the first dance at our wedding was enough for him, this is another one I’d want to do again but just don’t see happening.
  10. Have another child – probably the closest to a true “never” on this list.

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  1. Working Girl (Karen) – Thanks, but no thanks, although the prosciutto does make it slightly tempting :-). But only slightly.