Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things You DO Like About Your Job

Since I appended five things I liked about my job to last week’s list, I’m going to tweak this assignment just a little bit, and make my list “10 Things I Like About Having a Job.” As usual, these are in no particular order (except for the first one):

  1. The ability to support myself financially
  2. The ability to contribute to my family’s financial support (this would really be more like 1a, but I couldn’t get the numbering to work that way)
  3. Mental stimulation and challenge
  4. Personal development
  5. The opportunity to meet people I might not otherwise know
  6. Getting out of the house
  7. Health insurance
  8. Feeling like a productive, contributing member of society (sometimes)
  9. Always having a general-interest conversation topic
  10. Gaining a greater appreciation for weekends and holidays

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