Wiki Wednesday 8-22-07

Some reading that will lead you to more reading, if that’s your thing: Instead Of Three Wishes: Magical Short Stories (1995) is a collection of seven fantasy children’s stories by Megan Whalen Turner. “A Plague Of Leprechaun” “Leroy Roachbane” “Factory” “Aunt Charlotte And The NGA Portaits” “Instead Of Three Wishes” “The Nightmare” “The Baker King” Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts […]

Out of network? Networking ambivalence and me

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Well, honestly, it’s probably some of both, but I prefer to play up the “what” over the “who” because I am a miserable networker. I’m not unfriendly or antisocial (usually); I’m an introvert. Many of the personality traits of introverts are me in a nutshell, such as: · Desire private space and time· Are happy to be alone – can be lonely in a crowd· Become […]

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things You Don’t Like About Your Job

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things You Don’t Like About Your Job

Since I’m trying to cultivate more positivity in my life, and particularly as far as work’s concerned, I wasn’t sure I was going to write for this week’s topic. But it’s too hard not to. As usual for me, this isn’t in any particular order. The commute – but I haven’t yet found similar work I can do closer to home The perpetual sense of crisis The pervasive low-level anxiety The way it seems that […]

Just finished: “The Kite Runner”

Just finished: “The Kite Runner”

The Kite RunnerKhaled Hosseini I bought this book over a year ago, in anticipation of its being a selection for my book club, but the member who was going to pick it ended up dropping out, and I just wasn’t motivated to pick it up until another member of the club chose it for our meeting this week. Despite the fact that everyone I know who has read this book loved it, I’ve been rather […]

Today’s “Gratitude 5”

It’s a little more challenging to get into the gratitude mindset when it’s taken two hours to get to work on a Monday morning, after a night of sleeping poorly, but here we go: I’m glad it didn’t take me three hours to get to work.I’m glad I signed up for the traffic-alert phone calls on’m glad L.A. radio has stations that do traffic updates every 5-10 minutes, even if it means I have […]

Today’s “Gratitude 5”

Reflecting at the end of the weekend, I’m grateful for some people and things: My husband, who vacuumed, dusted, did laundry, and cleaned off the patio todayMy son, who calls his mom in Southern California to ask her to check the weather radar for Washington DC, where he’s headed to a baseball game (the Nats lost)My apartment, which is nice and clean (I did the chores Tall Paul didn’t do)My job, where I have two […]

Seen this weekend: “Hairspray”

At the risk of sounding like a bad blurb in an ad, Hairspray may be the most fun we’ve had at the movies this year. I grew up with a weakness for musicals, and while Hairspray comes up short on what I consider one of the big qualifications for a classic of the genre – songs that can stand apart from the narrative – it’s still a fine example of why the form never quite […]

Today’s “Gratitude 5”

Things I’m grateful for today and every day: Tall PaulMy stepchildren, the Tall Kids, who will be back from Camp Grandma this weekend and back in school a week from WednesdayMy son, not so tall and not such a kid anymore, who has a job that uses his degree, his own apartment, and a nice girlfriend three months out of college (although he’s actually had the girlfriend longer than that)My mother-in-law, operator of the aforementioned […]

Today’s “Gratitude 5”

Along the lines of Wednesday’s post, I’m going to try finding five things I’m grateful for every day. I may not post them every day, and they won’t be in any sort of rank order when I do list them here. Today I have these: My husband, who makes me laugh, likes baseball, and actually reads my blog (but that’s not why I listed him first ;-)!)Friday, and not much planned for this weekendFeeling a […]

iPod Random 10 8-17-07

“Sugar on My Tongue,” Talking Heads“Where Do the Children Play?” Cat Stevens“Piece of Work,” Jimmy Buffett with Toby Keith“Creepin’ In,” Norah Jones with Dolly Parton“Up the Junction,” Squeeze* (a happy little song about your life falling apart)“Strapped for Cash,” Fountains of Wayne* (a happy little song about dodging a loan shark)“Mountain Angel,” Dolly Parton (a sad Appalachian ballad about a woman gone ’round the bend)“Footloose,” Kenny Loggins“Everything About It is a Love Song,” Paul Simon“Seven […]

Home is not necessarily where you buy it

The rarely-dull, often-controversial “Brazen Careerist” seems to have an especially “brazen” tone today in her Yahoo! Finance column about “5 financial calculators you should use cautiously.” #4 on her list caught my interest: 4. Renting vs. buying calculator It used to be that the American dream was about buying a house. Today, the new version of the American dream is about time and personal development — and the best way to get more time is […]

Wives for everyone!

This strikes me as a twist on my post yesterday on the topic of “me” time – a New York Times feature on Monday about no one having time for anything, essentially. The article talks about women not only (still!) bearing most of the domestic responsibilities – or at least the worry about what’s not getting done – even if they work outside the home, but research that shows this “second shift” holds them back […]

Rock and roll, part 2

Our Chatsworth shaker last week was small time. This is an earthquake. Bad times in Peru today, and a reminder that it’s an unstable world in more ways than one. Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 2,358 other subscribers Email Address Subscribe

Want to have it all? Start young…

I had to unsubscribe from the Huffington Post feed, because I just couldn’t keep up, so now I look to other bloggers for the heads-up on posts worth reading over there. Mojo Mom identified this post by Laura Vanderkam as a “must-read,” so I did. Vanderkam suggests that women who have managed to “have it all” – the career, the marriage, and the kids – may have benefited by becoming mothers earlier in life, rather […]

Hair apparent

My hair is fairly thick, a little coarse, and on the curly/wavy side, and without strong control measures it tends to…well, expand. This little jingle popped into my head as I was drying it this morning (you may know the melody): Don’t try to make me wear a beehive, I said no, no, noYes I have big hair, but if you go there I won’t go, go, goThat won’t make it shineIt looks like 1959I’m […]