The bridge fell down

My thoughts are in Minneapolis this morning. They’re also traveling back to the cafeteria of St. Petersburg Catholic High School on a rainy morning in May 1980, where students were waiting to find out if classes would be cancelled due to school flooding, when we heard that just a few miles away, part of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge had just fallen into Tampa Bay. I still tend to hold my breath when I have to […]

What’s cash got to do with it?

There’s a discussion on Work It, Mom! addressing that classic question, “Can money buy happiness?” It was inspired by a member article that in turn was influenced by a post on Gretchen Rubin’s “Happiness Project” blog last week that suggested eight ways that money could make you happy. One of the main points of both articles is that happiness that can be “bought” is probably not going to be in the form of “more stuff.” […]

Good girls don’t…negotiate?

A new study authored by three women professors at Carnegie Mellon University and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government looks at the (very real, still ongoing) gap between men’s and women’s pay, and suggests that negotiation is a major factor in the difference. It’s not necessarily that men are more willing to negotiate salary, or that women don’t know how to do so. Rather, it looks more like women will just choose not to negotiate because […]

Wiki Wednesday 8-1-07

Time to learn something! 1. Go to Wikipedia.2. Click on “Random article” in the left-hand sidebar box.3. Post it! I’m guessing there are 25 entries similar to this one: record labels that start with X. Ever heard of The X-Dump, X-treme Music, or XYZ Records? I’ve gotten obscure music-related entries for two weeks in a row. Hmmm….. Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of […]

This advice is right on the money

Thanks to the Consumerist blog for an awesome money post. I laughed, and then I winced. Their “10 Tips That Will Make Sure You Stay Broke” really work! Unfortunately, I can confirm that through personal experience with several of them (I won’t say which). (But I will say that #6 and I have met many times.) But the cycle can be broken! Turn it on its head, and you get some really good basic personal-finance […]