Today’s “Gratitude 5”

  • An overcast morning, which makes a primarily easterly commute much easier on the eyes
  • Late-summer “light” traffic (by L.A. standards, anyway) that reduces said commute to under an hour (assuming no serious accidents like the one this past Monday)
  • A new manicure that hasn’t chipped yet – it’s been 14 hours and some of them were spent sleeping, but you’d have to understand my bad luck with nail polish to know how much I appreciate this
  • A slice of red velvet cake (for a coworker’s birthday) and a cream-cheese brownie with coffee – both yesterday, but not at the same time
  • The memory of the first place I ever tried a cheesecake brownie, the Ithaca Bakery, and my dear long-time friend, the soon-to-be Rev. Ann, who was with me at the time

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