Ten on Tuesday – 10 Favorite Movies From Childhood

Ten on Tuesday

Can we allow “childhood” to go up to about age 14 for this purpose? OK, I vote yes. Some are older than I am and I saw them on TV (with commercials, in the pre-cable days). And this list is not ranked in order – it’s just 10 I remember well from that time period.

  1. The Wizard of Oz
  2. The Music Man
  3. Oklahoma!
  4. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  5. Star Wars (now known as “Episode IV”)
  6. Grease
  7. My Fair Lady
  8. Gone With the Wind
  9. Lady and the Tramp
  10. The Apple Dumpling Gang

It was actually a stretch to come up with 10 – how sad is that? (Don’t answer…) I think I was more into TV than movies as a kid, and reading more than either one.

And in a nod to one of my 10 favorite post-childhood movies, it’s coming up on the 20th anniversary of The Princess Bride! Prepare to celebrate! And have fun storming the castle!

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  1. Don’t worry, this post inspired some others from the same era! I’ve never heard of the “Apple Dumpling..” movie though. I guess I’ll have to educate myself on that one.

  2. I wish I had thought to put Grease on my list. I watched that one over and over and over again. Now my daughter watches it over and over and over again. It’s timeless.

    20 years since Princess Bride came out? Wow… I am getting old. LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!

    Have Fun Storming The Castle!
    Kim @ TheBitterBAll