Ten on Tuesday: 10 Countries You’d Like to Visit

In no particular order:

  1. Canada – I’ve been to different parts briefly a couple of times, but I’d like to go back with more time to explore (just not in the winter!)
  2. England/the U.K. – for many reasons, not including the food
  3. Australia – again, this would require some time…
  4. New Zealand – where the hobbits come from! Just kidding 🙂
  5. Italy – going back to my family’s roots
  6. Spain – because the people I know who’ve visited have spoken so well of it
  7. France – mostly for the food, unlike Great Britain
  8. China – novels about its culture have always fascinated me
  9. Mexico – I should visit our neighbors on both sides, right?
  10. Tahiti – oh, why not?

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  1. Would love to see Canada, if you highly recommend it then I guess it is good place to go. My sister have been there. I never been out of countries before 🙂 Agree with England and Italy 🙂

    Gret list, Happy Tuesday