Spring Readathon–The Opening Bell

It’s 5 AM in Southern California. I just got out of bed and went straight to my reading chair in the loft, where I’ll be starting out my Readathon day with Kaui Hart Hemmings’ The Possibilities, joined in progress (I’m on Chapter 13).

All of my books today will be “joined in progress,” actually. My goal for the day is to finish books–I’m aiming for two, possibly three–or at least make further headway with books I’ve previously started.

I don’t expect to get in more than a couple of hours reading this morning, since I have several normal Saturday tasks and errands to get done, but hopefully I’ll be back at the books–maybe this one, maybe the next–by noon. Most updates after this one will probably be on Twitter rather than here, unless I do a mini-challenge.

Rah, Rah, Readathon, and happy reading to all!

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