Secrets and spoilers and Harry, oh my!

Don’t check this out if you’re still reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! J.K. Rowling did a two-part interview with the Today show this Thursday and Friday, and Entertainment Weekly’s PopWatch blog has helpfully summarized her answers to some “burning questions” about things she didn’t mention in 759 pages. On Thursday, she answered: What jobs do our heroes have “19 years later?” Now that we know Snape’s motivation, how does that change things? What […]


The truth is, I’ve spent most of my adult life married (from age 19 – yes, I know it was too young, but there was a baby on the way – to 38), and it’s been less than a year since I reclaimed that status. Even so, some points in Leslie’s “On Balance” commentary reviewing the new book Now and Not Yet by Jennifer Marshall, which examines single life from a conservative Christian perspective, struck […]

Sing it, sister!

Regardless of all those articles in women’s magazines concerning finding/catching/living with/losing men, women’s relationships with each other can be more complex, nuanced, and interesting. (No offense to the guys – you know I love some of you ;-D.) I think this is what draws me to a lot of what I read – women authors, female protagonists, women’s issues, and women blogging about their lives and concerns. PunditMom posted a review of a new book […]

Family issues from all angles…

Kelly Watson, one of the bloggers on Work It, Mom!, posted yesterday about domestic division of labor. One of her best points was made as part of a self-described rant: women don’t inherently have more skills in home-keeping or child-raising just because we’re women, and the partners/fathers in our lives are just as capable at the these things as we are. We need to do more than just encourage their participation – we need to […]

I’m not the only one who wonders

It’s kind of sad that I haven’t posted anything for a week. The feed reader got really backed up – hey, I keep finding interesting stuff and adding it! – and I’m starting to leave comments here and there on other blogs, but it seems like the more time I spend on those, the less I have for my own. (And then there’s the paying job, which still feels like it will never be caught […]

I read, therefore I am…who, exactly? A “mom-blogger” or not?

I’m a relatively new resident of the “blogosphere,” both as a participant (as you can tell from the archives) and as a reader/follower. I follow blogs on various topics – productivity and self/life improvement, career and work life, pop culture, news, and quite a few I have tagged as “just for fun.” My interest in women’s issues, lately centered on things related to the topic of “balance” – the whole “mommy wars” thing, “opting out,” […]

I’ve actually been reading other stuff too – happy?

…And reading a bit too much of it when I should be working. Late-spring fever, or maybe overwhelmed and under-motivated. Thinking about a couple of the posts I’ve read this week: The Grrl Genius‘ reflection on good coming from bad, asking the question Do you think it’s possible to ever learn this lesson so that when the bad thing is ACTUALLY HAPPENING you can shrug it off and know that something good must therefore be […]

Drive-by commentary

This has been a crazy week. I had thought things at work would settle down once the auditors left, but that didn’t last long, now that we’re unexpectedly down two staff for the duration. I forgot that the book club is meeting next Friday and I haven’t started on that book yet, so I need to get my current read finished so I can at least make good headway on Accidental Happiness. Meanwhile, I’ve been […]

Respecting the right to choose

Don’t get the wrong idea – that title’s not a reference to the abortion issue. Not going there. A blog post in On Balance spurred some thoughts on the ongoing conversation (argument? debate? discussion? knock-down drag-out?) regarding the choices of women with children to stay at home with them or be employed. Along the lines of a comment I made in a post a few days ago, this is a “choice” that has to be […]

The Festival of Books is here!

This weekend at UCLA, it’s the LA Times Festival of Books! No Rock Bottom Remainders this year, but we still enjoyed the browsing earlier today. The weather was sunnier and warmer this year than last, and seemed to bring the crowds out early. I had wanted to participate in the giant crossword puzzles again, but as it turned out we didn’t see any. The exhibitor whose booth is don’t-miss for us is Pennyworth Books. (I […]

On the changing times

One of the blogs I keep up with his Leslie Morgan Steiner’s “On Balance” blog through the Washington Post’s website This recent post put me in mind of conversations I’ve had with friends, and my husband, about how it’s not like it was when we were kids anymore. Every generation of parents has probably had that thought, but it means different things in different times. On Balance blog post – Leslie Morgan Steiner En […]