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#OneWord for The New Year

And A Few Words About Last Year’s #OneWord

My #OneWord for 2018 was ACCEPT I thought it was a good choice at the time, and in retrospect, I think I appreciate it even more. I approached it like this:

I’m working on what I’d call “active acceptance.” For me, that means taking things as they come, but with intention. Most of what I can change is in how I respond to what I accept. I’m trying to figure out how that looks, but here’s what I think it includes:

Saying “yes” to opportunity

Changing “yes” to “no” when I realize it may not have been the right answer after all

Choosing my battles (and when it’s right not to have them)

Being OK with being myself and with others being who they are

2018 was challenging in so many respects…and based on what I’ve been seeing in other people’s reflections on the year, a lot of us felt that! I do feel that approaching things with this framework of acceptance in mind helped me get through, though.

I don’t intend to abandon that approach in 2019, but I do want to incorporate more active and intentional assessment into it. My #OneWord for 2019 is REGROUP.

My first attempt at putting that #OneWord into action is showing up here today to post this.

This space has been quiet. I woke it up a few times last year, and now I’m thinking about what I might do to keep it awake. I’ve missed the part of me that lives here and I don’t want to accept its absence anymore.

And from #OneWord to three: Happy New Year!

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