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Managing Time Like a Realist #Regroup #OneWord

There’s one big way I need to regroup going into this new year: managing my time. I need to be a realist about it

#Regroup: Managing Time

I used to be a lot better at organizing my time.  Back then, one of my personal mottoes was “Organization is a defense against chaos.” I still think that’s true. But it’s also true that my own defenses against chaos have become seriously disorganized over the last few years. I’ve learned I actually can function in chaos, and I’m not sure that’s been a good lesson. I don’t think I actively cultivate chaos, but I realize I’m not trying as hard as I should to prevent it.

I missed this article about becoming a “time realist” when it was first published. But I came across it this past weekend…and it was perfect timing. I thought I’d share a few takeaways.

Three Ways to Be a “Time Realist”

(I)f you can remember, “Oh, I wrote that three pages ago in the upper left corner,” you’re a visual-tactile learner who should use a paper planner. If you think more chronologically — for example, if someone gave you a date like April 14, and you think, “oh that was a Wednesday” — you’re more digital-technical oriented and should use an electronic calendar.

I am absolutely the second type. Now I get why the whole paper planner/bullet journal thing has never really clicked for me!

  • Manage major transitions in your day like you did in school, with a timer:  I have occasionally tried doing this, and it’s worked…until I started ignoring the alarm. It’s time to try it again, I think.

If you’re working on being more of a realist about managing your own time, read the rest. It’s worth your time, I promise! Day by day, I’ll be working on better habits for every day.

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