5 Signs of Fall in Southern California

I know some of you may have already seen snow by now, but where I live, it’s been struggling to get below 80 degrees in the daytime. And yes, I am complaining about that. A little. It’s technically halfway through autumn! “Halfway through autumn” is about when it usually shows up around here, though.

Autumn in Southern California collage


When the time changes, so do the temperatures (FINALLY).
You go from needing the air conditioner all day to needing the heat on at night within 72 hours (and back to the A/C 72 hours after that).
The leaves don’t change colors–they’re still brown.
Sweaters and boots are actually useful and not just fashion statements.
The Christmas tree is already going up at the mall. (Since we know we won’t get snow, we need to start reminding people early.)

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