Sunday Slowdown, June 21: Picturing Bookish Thoughts

It’s the first day of summer! It’s Father’s Day! And it’s a great weekend to do this thing:

#flashreadathon weekend June 19-21

I spent some time flash-reading yesterday afternoon, finishing one of my books-in-progress and making some headway on another. Today really should be a review-a-thon for me–I can’t join the one next weekend, because I’ll be away, and I’m a good three or four reviews behind right now–but I think I might rather just do more reading.

I shared a few bookish thoughts to the blog’s Facebook page this week, and I thought I’d re-post them here today. They’re all potential discussion fodder in addition to being cool images.

Here’s a statement (via):

book hoarder sidewalk chalk tinhouse

Do you agree? And does this mean I really don’t have to go all modified-KonMari on my TBR shelves after all? And here I planned a staycation week in July to tackle that project! Oh well–even with this reassurance, I have decided that the purge is going to happen.

Here’s a question (via):

bookmark dogear $5orlessbookstore
Original caption: “There are two kinds of readers. Which are you?

I am definitely the kind on the left. I’m all about the bookmarks. What about you?
And here’s one that I don’t think requires further comment (via):

reading damages ignorance randomhouse FB community

How are you spending this first weekend of summer? Are you damaging some ignorance today?

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