Sunday Slowdown: Let’s Play “20 Questions”

Sunday Slowdown, weekly on The 3 Rs Blog
I’ve seen Ti, Jen, and Bryan tackle this “20 Questions About Me” thing recently, and I thought I’d play along today. I rarely do this meme-type stuff here any more, and it was a fun change of pace. Feel free to take these questions with you and answer them for yourself—I’d love to know what you have to say about them!
"20 Questions About Me" on The 3 Rs Blog
  1. HOW TALL ARE YOU? My driver’s license says I’m 4’9”. This is an exaggeration, since I usually have shoes on whenever I have reason to show my driver’s license. I’ve told my doctor I’m 4’8.” That may also be an exaggeration, but not as much. Let’s just say that if I shrink too much as I get older, I’ll be the size of a very tall hobbit.
  2. DO YOU HAVE A HIDDEN TALENT? If I do, I haven’t seen it yet, so it must be very well hidden! I do have this weird ability to know what day of the week a particular date will fall by visualizing a calendar, but I’m not sure I’d call that a “talent.”
  3. WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST BLOG-RELATED PET PEEVE? Partial feeds. I realize that forcing people to click through to read a post gets more eyes on ads, if your blog has them; it may make them more likely to comment, too, since they’re already there. It’s weird that this still bugs me, since I don’t mind following a link on Twitter or Facebook, but it does—if you’re going to send your post to my feed reader, that’s where I want to read it.
  4. WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST NON-BLOG RELATED PET-PEEVE? Being forced to choose only one pet peeve. Seriously, it depends on the context, and the day. Most of my pet peeves concern people’s lack of consideration for one another, with Los Angeles drivers having their own special subcategory.
  5. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE SONG? I have had many favorite songs over the decades. Some are associated with particular times, places, and/or people. Some are just songs that appeal to me—I have a weakness for smart lyrics, strong melodies, and high-energy power pop. I don’t have a current favorite song, but my favorite group of the past decade or so is Fountains of Wayne. 
  6. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE ETSY SHOP? I’d have to shop on Etsy to have one,
  7. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE WAY TO SPEND YOUR FREE TIME WHEN YOU’RE ALONE? Reading, or writing, or alternating between both. (Those are also some of my favorite things to do when I’m not alone.)
  8. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE JUNK FOOD? I don’t eat a lot of true “junk” food—but I don’t always eat what’s best for me, either. Depending on whether I’m craving salty or sweet, my favorite bad choices are Chex Mix (traditional) and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.
  9. DO YOU HAVE PETS? If you haven’t already met Winchester, please see below. We went almost five years without a dog before adopting him last November, and we’re very glad he’s with us. His name was “Chester” when we got him, but we soon altered it in homage to our favorite pair of hunters, Dean and Sam Winchester of Supernatural.
  10. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE FICTION AND NONFICTION BOOKS? What is my least-favorite question OF ALL TIME? When one has read literally hundreds of books, the books one identifies as “favorites” are unlikely to stay constant, so one sets conditions: favorite books of this year, of the last five years, when you were a kid, for reading to your kids, for escapism, and so on. Despite that grumbling, I will not dodge this question entirely; I’ll limit my choices to the last decade, and single out two books from the pre-blog years:
    • Fiction: The Sparrow, by Mary Doria Russell
    • Nonfiction: Random Family, by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc
  11. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE BEAUTY PRODUCT? Flawless Beauty Primer from Pixi by Petra. I’m also a big fan of their eyeliners.
  12. WHEN WERE YOU LAST EMBARRASSED? I can’t tell you. It’ll bring it all back, and I can’t go through that again. Honestly, I embarrass myself daily—I put my foot in my mouth, I spill things on myself, I act carelessly and cause trouble for someone else. Fortunately, most of these incidents are minor, forgivable, and probably loom far larger in my mind than in anyone else’s.
  14. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE? The Princess Bride.
  15. WHAT WERE YOU IN HIGH SCHOOL? PROM QUEEN, NERD, CHEERLEADER, JOCK, VALEDICTORIAN, BAND GEEK, LONER, ARTIST, ETC? I was the self-christened “Chief Nerdette” of my high-school class. Since my high-school experience took place sometime between when the dinosaurs walked the earth and the geeks inherited it, this was not exactly a badge of pride—I am very happy that times have changed for my people!
  16. IF YOU COULD LIVE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, WHERE WOULD YOU LIVE? I’ve lived in a range of places, all in the USA: New York, City and (up)state; New England; Florida; Tennessee; and California. My ideal place to live would combine the best of all of them, which means it doesn’t exist in the real world. I’d actually be happy to stay here in coastal Southern California, but I’d probably be happier if fewer other people lived here.
  17. PC OR MAC? Both, out of necessity—Mac, if that necessity is gone.
  18. LAST ROMANTIC GESTURE FROM A CRUSH, DATE, BOYFRIEND? I don’t have any of those. I do have a husband, however. His most recent romantic gesture was dedicating last weekend to doing whatever I wanted, in celebration of my birthday.
  19. FAVORITE CELEB? It tends to depend on what I’m into at any given time—what I’m watching and reading, mainly. Working Hollywood-adjacent has actually made celebrities less interesting to me.
  20. WHICH BLOGGER DO YOU SECRETLY WANT TO BE BEST FRIENDS WITH? I’m not-so-secretly friends with quite a few bloggers, including a good number I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with offline. They are a huge part of why I keep doing this.

If you have a question to add to this list, drop it in the comments, and I’ll probably answer it!

The Weekly Winchester

I took this during a walk last Sunday afternoon, but didn’t include it in my #birthdayphotoanhour posts.
Winchester on a Sunday walk
And how are you spending this Easter Sunday?

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