A Month of Favorites: A Year in Books, By Month

A Year in Books Timeline {Which month did you … read the most, the least, read the book you liked LEAST for the year, read your longest book, tried a new genre, fell hard for a book boyfriend, re-read a favorite, finished an epic series, read something you’ve been wanting to read for a long time etc. } – link-up hosted at Traveling with T

A Year in Books for A Month of Favorites at The 3 Rs Blog
When did I read the longest book? January through AprilThe Book Thief was officially my First Book of 2014, but I didn’t finish it till until the Spring Readathon. (To be fair, I picked it up and put it down a number of times in between, for assorted reasons.) It’s also the longest book I read this year (576 pages). 
When did I read the shortest book? June. Midsummer, a novella I read for a TLC Book Tour, was just 150 pages long.
When did I listen to the longest audiobook? July. The Silkworm was 17 hours and 22 minutes of good, grotesque times.
When did I listen to the shortest audiobook? August. I Don’t Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star was 5.5 hours long. (I think I was looking for something speedy after The Silkworm.)
When did I read the book I liked LEAST? September. The 11.75 hours I spent listening to How to Tell Toledo From the Night Sky are lost forever (because I didn’t cut my losses by quitting on it).
The best books (rated 4 or higher on my 5-point scale), by month:


  • The Book Thief









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