Sunday Salon: Sort Of Short On Substance

The Sunday Salon on The 3 Rs Blog

I suspected that the past week wouldn’t be good for either reading or writing, and sadly, I was not wrong. I’m holding down the blogging fort by revisiting some book reviews from the archives for Nonfiction November; two have gone up already, and three more are lined up for this week. I’m not sure I’ll get an original post done for this week’s #NonFicNov “Diversity” prompt, but I did put together a short reading list of books about TV for the event’s “Be/Ask/Become the Expert” topic.

CBS Television CIty Studios, Los Angeles

Speaking of TV, I took the day off from work on Thursday. Tall Paul and I were in the studio audience for two tapings of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson–one episode aired that night, and the second is scheduled for this Friday.
Honestly, it has not been a good reading week at all. I’ve resisted taking the nuclear option on my feed reader because there are so many Nonfiction November posts in it I want to read, so there’s quite a pileup there. 
However, the bigger problem is my slow progress with a book of essays for review, which I’m thinking is a reader problem rather than a book problem. I’ve made the thoroughly unwelcome discovery that if I don’t have the right combination of font size, print quality and proper lighting, my middle-aged eyes are finding reading physically uncomfortable, and it’s been hard for me to maintain the right environment for this one. This afternoon, after I get this post written and scheduled, I’m taking the book up to the comfortable, well-lit loft–I hope to spend some productive time with it there.
Perhaps Winchester will decide to keep me company while I read. (Also speaking of TV, we decided to change Chester’s name to “Winchester” in homage to those Supernatural brothers, Dean and Sam.)
Winchester, dog mascot of The 3 Rs Blog
Does Winchester know the pain of “so many books, so little time”?

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