(Semi-)#WordlessWednesday: Scarecrows of the Central Coast

While traveling up and down California’s Central Coast this weekend, Tall Paul and I spent a little time wandering through Cambria. Cambria is the real-life inspiration for Christopher Moore’s fictional Pine Cove, and was in the midst of its annual Scarecrow Festival while we were there. I thought I’d show you some of the participants we encountered along Main Street.

Cambria 2014 Scarecrow Festival collage on The 3 Rs Blog

Apparently, crows are scared of skeletons. Who knew? 

With California’s severe drought in mind, the Festival’s theme this year was “water conservation.” These bathing beauties took the blue ribbon.

Cambria 2014 Scarecrow Festival Theme Winner on The 3 Rs Blog

I knew we’d be sightseeing and taking a lot of photos during our long weekend–if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen some already. But could not have even imagined running into these critters.

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