Sunday (Afternoon) Salon, 11-10-2013

Time  Early Sunday afternoon (Pacific Standard Time). I wasn’t sure if I was going to post today, but I’m home from my morning errand-running with no other “outside” plans and Tall Paul’s feeling a little under the weather, so he’s resting and I’m writing.

Place At the kitchen desk. It’s very quiet. I should probably put some music on.

Eating & Drinking I need to get up and refill my water in a minute. I met my sister for breakfast this morning and probably won’t have lunch today, but I suppose I should fix a snack, since I’m not sure what we’re doing for dinner later.

I’m doing some cooking this afternoon, but none of it’s meant to be eaten today. I’m making a pot of Albondigas–since it’s fall now, a/k/a soup season, even here in Southern California–and attempting a batch of gluten-free turkey meatballs to have with some equally gluten-free pasta. I haven’t made meatballs at home since Spencer went gluten-free last year, but I’ve found a couple of recipes–I’ll have to make my own bread crumbs from some of his sandwich bread, but otherwise I don’t think I’ll need to modify much from my classic recipe. Wish me luck!

Reading and Listening I’m mostly reading nonfiction in November. The stack includes Some Nerve by Patty Chang Anker (memoir w/a side of self-help), Stitches by Anne Lamott, and This Is The Story Of A Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett, plus One Summer: 1927 by Bill Bryson in my Audible app. My review of Columbine (audio) by Dave Cullen will post on Tuesday. I do have one novel, Someone Else’s Love Story by Joshilyn Jackson, to read for my online book club this month, and I’m reviewing some December fiction for Shelf Awareness, just to mix things up a little.

Watching We’re about ⅔ through last season’s Parks and Recreation episodes on Netflix, which means we’ll be able to get to the new ones on the DVR before too long. And that sums up the fall TV season for me, really–on with the old shows, not so much with the new. Also, we’re officially less than two weeks away from the Doctor Who 50th-anniversary TV extravaganza, so please accept my apologies in advance for any excessive fangirling you see around here in the days ahead.

Blogging and Writing I reached 2000 posts on this blog last week, and post number 2001 presented some reflections on how I got there and projections of what may lie ahead–more and less of the same, really. I enjoyed compiling that capsule history of the blog, including links to the five posts with the most pageviews in each year since it started, and invite you to check it out if you haven’t already.

The posting schedule for the next few weeks looks like this:

  • reviews on Tuesdays,
  • Wordless Wednesdays,
  • essays on Thursdays, inspired by what I’m reading and/or what we’re doing in my writing workshop.

Gratuitous Photo of the Week

TardisGal and Iron Man
Tall Paul took this at Comikaze Expo last weekend and posted it to a Facebook album with the comment “I bet she wishes she had a can opener.”
How’s your weekend going (and do you get three days of it, thanks to Veterans’ Day?)

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