Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Back to School!

I haven’t gone back to any of my old schools since I left the last of them, 26 years ago. The fact that I’ve put thousands of miles between myself and them is only one of the reasons why. I’m not the person I was when I was there, and some of the schools aren’t the same, either.

Broad River School Homes
Broad River School Homes, via Google Street View

The high school is smaller, the university has grown, and my old elementary school now serves a completely opposite population–it’s been converted into senior apartments.

But school’s been back in session for our 13-year-old since last week, and he’s starting eighth grade with this shower curtain, which he picked out for his bathroom in the new house. It’ll be a handy cheat sheet when he actually gets around to taking chemistry.

School collage chemistry library
Top: Periodic Table shower curtain, our house. Bottom: Library, Aviva High School

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