Packing Up, Moving On…

…no, not from this place! I’ll own up to using an intentionally misleading post title, though.

moving boxes

Yes, we really are using professionals for a move next door–there’s some big, heavy furniture going up and down stairs in both houses, and we are not young people. (Well, two of us aren’t, and the one of us who is a young person is only thirteen and a bit less than full-grown.) They’ll be coming on Saturday morning, but Tall Paul and I are taking the rest of this week off from work to prepare, and clean, and move a lot of the stuff that’s not so big and heavy. The wi-fi router is supposed to be moved tomorrow–if that goes without mishap we shouldn’t be deprived of internet access for long, but I don’t anticipate having much time to make use of it for the next few days.

If we’re not too preoccupied by doing the moving, chances are good that Tall Paul and I may be documenting the process on our Instagram and Facebook feeds, but the blog will probably be quiet till early next week. Wish us luck, and see you soon!

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