Directions, in #JustOne Paragraph

empty rooms x 2

I admit this: I tend to look for the complications and the complexities. It’s not (usually) that I’m trying to be difficult; it’s that I have a hard time accepting that there are only two sides to anything. My sister and I have had the “glass half-full/glass half-empty” debate for years, and part of the reason it keeps going between us is that I don’t see the state of the glass as static. I think the fullness or emptiness is a function of whether you’re adding to it or taking away from it, and there’s a range of possibility on either side. A sense of fullness may be accompanied by anxiety and discomfort just as much as by satisfaction and contentment. Emptiness can convey depletion and finality, but also the promise of “clean slates” and fresh starts. We are two weeks away from emptying the rooms of one home and filling those of another–what’s in the glass is sloshing about in all directions right now. It’s hard to tell which direction it’s going in, and that’s all right with me.

Just One Paragraph

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