Weekend Recap, in #JustOneParagraph

On Sunday, we rested. Well, we rested a little. We went to the movies in the morning (Who goes to the movies at 10:30 AM? Oh yeah, we do). Later, during the warmth of the afternoon, I couldn’t quite muster up the mental energy for reading books or writing reviews about them (I have Monday for that–a medical appointment in the morning, but no work for the day!). Instead, I played games and read blog posts on my iPad–at five PM, it held no unread posts, and it stayed that way for just over an hour (because I put down the iPad to have dinner with my family and didn’t refresh it again until just before 6:30). (And by 10 PM, it was at zero again–a clean slate for Monday morning!) During the time in between, we cleared out shelves and cabinets, loaded boxes, and made stacks. The books that will be guests of honor at my giveaway party next weekend are piled all around, and the ones that will move with us are being packed away. One group is ready to travel to their new home next door, while I hope many members of the other group will be welcomed into the homes of my book-loving friends.

Just One Paragraph

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