The Boys and Me, in #JustOneParagraph

It occurred to me, as we went out to dinner last night, that I’ll soon be the only female member of my household for the first time in fifteen years…and yes, that’s counting the dogs. There was even a nearly five-year period when the girls outnumbered the guys around here, although we’ve been at parity since we lost Gypsy in 2010. But now, as three of us get ready to move next door, our girl is preparing to move to the opposite corner of the country, and it will soon be just the boys and me again. They’re not the same “boys” with whom I shared my life and home fifteen years ago; I was seven years and nearly two thousand miles away from meeting them (and no one had met the younger one, since he didn’t yet exist), but as I contemplate this next stage, I have a feeling of coming back around. I hope we’ll be able to add a dog back into the mix before too long, too.

Just One Paragraph

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