Sunday Salon: Right Here, Right Now–Mother's Day!

Time: Early morning (it’s still “early” till 9 AM, right?)

Place: Still in bed, writing on the iPad

Eating: Nothing yet. Staying in this morning–on a kid-free Mother’s Day–and thinking about whether I want to do something different for breakfast.

Gratuitous Christmas photos of our kids for Mother’s Day!

Drinking: Water that got a little too warm overnight.

Reading: Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline, this month’s She Reads Book Club selection. Also, parts of several other books, but not getting very far with anything. This is the saddest stretch of reading time I’ve had in ages.

Listening: Spencer and have about an hour left of Life, the Universe, and Everything, so we’ll finish it this week. On my own, I’ve started Roger Ebert’s memoir, Life Itself, read by Edward Herrmann, aka Grandpa Gilmore to my fellow fans of those …Girls. On a related note, I’ve bought the audio of Lauren Graham’s first novel, Someday, Someday, Maybe, and I’m looking forward to having Lorelai herself read it to me soon.

Making: Stacks and piles and bags…we’re getting started on a big “clean out the closets (and drawers, and shelves)” project around the house this weekend.

Blogging: Heh. Blogging, what’s that? I‘m kind of embarrassed to call myself a blogger right now–this is just about as sad a stretch for blogging as it is for reading, although I do plan to get my “official” review of Telegraph Avenue written up today. It’ll get better by the end of this month, though, I think, since the audit’s winding down…and then I’ll go on vacation for ten days during June. I haven’t yet decided what I’m doing around here then.

Promoting: Voting in Armchair BEA‘s first annual Bloggers Choice Book Awards–you have till tomorrow to have your say!

Anticipating: It’s just over a month away, so I can start getting excited for our vacation now! We will begin and end with two weekends in Boston, bracketing three days in the White Mountains in New Hampshire and two on the Maine coast. I grew up in Connecticut, and Maine is the only New England state I’ve never been to. I’m hoping mid-June will be a good time to introduce it all to my family of California natives.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms–and for those who aren’t moms, to your moms, too!

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