Sunday Salon: right here, right now (May 19, 2013)

Time: Saturday evening, for posting Sunday morning

Place: Home

Eating: There are certain foods I associate with my childhood, and some of them are foods I’ve rarely found since. There was a certain type of bread we used to get at the bakery called a “tea biscuit”–a little crumbly, a little sweet, something like a scone, but plain. I discovered these Shortcake Biscuits at Trader Joe’s this weekend–I don’t think they’re the exact thing, but taste memory is telling me that they’re closer than anything else I’ve come across. Yum!

Drinking: Plain ol’ water right now…

Reading: I just started an ARC for Shelf Awareness that will probably be my only review there till late summer/early fall–I think I mentioned that I was on hiatus and not getting any galleys from them until after our vacation next month. By the time I ask to be put back on the rotation, they’ll probably be sending out titles for September.

I finished Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline a couple of nights ago, and will be posting my thoughts on this She Reads Book Club selection later this week.

She Reads is taking the month of June off, and since I won’t have SA deadlines either, I’m feeling a little at loose ends, with several weeks of only reading what I feel like reading ahead of me! It’s helping me get into vacation-reading mode already, though…I’m thinking about bringing mostly YA print books, plus plenty of e-books on the iPad.

Listening: We finished the Hitchhiker’s Guide trilogy this week, and I’m trying to decide on a next audio for my drives with Spencer. I have a couple of the Harry Potter audiobooks, but if you have any suggestions for good books to read by ear with a thirteen-year-old boy, please share! When he’s not in the car with me, I’m still listening to the Roger Ebert memoir and my various podcasts.

Blogging: I may start having time for it again! I’ve chipped away at some of my feed-reader backlog over the last few days, and I wrote two reviews this weekend. I think I’m still a few weeks away from what I consider my “normal” blogging activity level, but this feels pretty good!

Promoting: Armchair BEA is NEXT WEEK, y’all! Are you signed up yet? Have you seen the daily topics?

Enjoying: Gorgeous spring-weekend weather here in Southern California!

Avoiding: Housecleaning. I think it will catch up with me next weekend…but thanks to Memorial Day and a Monday off, at least I’ll have more time for it then!

Anticipating: Star Trek Into Darkness this afternoon at the ArcLight in Sherman Oaks!

How’s your weekend going?

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