Sunday Salon: Right Here, Right Now…(April 21, 2013)

Time: 10:14 AM, as I complete this for posting

Place: At my dining room table is Simi Valley, California, where the current temperature is 67 degrees and today’s forecast high is 81. The sun is out and the screen doors are open.

Eating: A mix of oatmeal and Kashi cereal, mixed with lots of sliced strawberries–spring is here and the price of strawberries is dropping!–and Trader Joe’s Crumpets with Nutella

Drinking: Water and sweetened, milky black tea, in this cup:
Covered TARDIS mug

Reading: Pretty much the same as at my last report. I’m on schedule with #readchabon, the Telegraph Avenue read-along I’m hosting with Kim, and will work on preparing tomorrow’s check-in post after I’m done with this one.

Watching: Later today (probably), last night’s Doctor Who on the DVR

Listening: Spencer and I have 40 minutes left on The Restaurant at the End of the Universe audiobook, so we should be moving on to Life, the Universe, and Everything by the end of this week. And I’m not listening to any other audiobooks right now because I’m fixated on TV-related podcasts. The Mad Men Happy Hour does detailed, scene-by-scene episode recaps–it’s like vintage Television Without Pity in audio form–plus commentary. I like the recapping, but I occasionally lose patience and yell at my car stereo because the hosts misunderstand references or context and I want to correct them. A Mad Man With a Box has nothing to do with Mad Men; that podcast is for recaps and news of Doctor Who.

Making: Later today, a big pot of albondigas (Mexican meatball soup)–that, and a nice assortment of leftovers in the fridge, may mean not much cooking will need to be done for the rest of this week!

Blogging: I have posts scheduled every day through Thursday this week, which hasn’t happened for quite a while–and may not happen again for a while, either. I’m actually not minding the three-times-a-week posting schedule as much as I thought I would.

Promoting: Armchair BEA registration is open! If you won’t be at Book Expo America this year, join our concurrent online event (May 27-June 2)…and if Armchair BEA is new to you, check out the new FAQ. (Disclosure: I am a co-founder and current team member of Armchair BEA).

Enjoying: Right now, a quiet morning at home. Trying to stay in the moment here…

Avoiding: There must be something, according to what the fortune cookie told me yesterday:

Fortune cookie says: Decision time!
Hmm, look at the comma, A “long overdue” decision or a “lenghty and late” one?
Anticipating: Scheduling a spa day–my birthday gift from Tall Paul–and hoping to get approval of a couple of days’ vacation time in which to do it!
How’s your weekend going?

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