No (April) Fooling: The Blog, It Is A-Changing

I’ve added an extra day to Birthday Weekend, but I’m popping in for a minute to call your attention to some little tweaks and changes I’ve recently made to the blog.

I didn’t participate in the Spring Bloggiesta, but it did inspire me to make a few updates and changes around here. If you’re reading this post via e-mail or a feed reader (have you found one to replace Google Reader yet?), I invite you to visit the blog and see what’s new!

  • I’ve “staked my (blog) claim” with Bloglovin‘. You can follow The 3 R’s Blog over there, if that’s where you’re doing your blog reading these days!
  • I’ve added a new button to my shared-items page on RebelMouse. If you miss a link I’ve passed along on Twitter or Facebook–and you probably will, because who has the time to keep up with all of that?–most of them are collected right there.
  • I’ve replaced my “Popular/Favorite Posts” page with a new one called “Posts About Posts,” driven by the label “Retrospective.” Since I usually link up my most-viewed and personal favorite posts (which don’t always match up) in my year-end and Blogiversary recaps, I’m simplifying the process by including those posts under the new label. Please click away and explore! (And since I may not be posting much new stuff during the next few weeks, at least there’s lots in the archives…)
  • And speaking of archives, my book review posts finally have one! This page redirects you to a Google spreadsheet that can be sorted on any column and is searchable. Thanks to the awesome folks in the Google + Book Bloggers Community for the tipoff about how to make this happen!


I’m also excited to share that I was recently invited to join the SheReads Blog Network and will be participating in the She Reads monthly online book club starting in May. There are some terrific book bloggers in this group–I’m happy to be one of them now, and looking forward to some good reading and great discussions!

But before that gets going, Kim and I will be reading Michael Chabon’s Telegraph Avenue together later this month–details to come, but we’d love to have you read with us, so think about it, won’t you?


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