Sunday Salon: Marching Out…on Birthday Week!

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I think I bit off a bit more this month than I should have, reading-wise. My Little Women re-read has stalled around Chapter 12. There are a few reasons for that: I’ve been surprised to discover how much of it I still remember more than 30 years after last reading it, which has lessened my sense of urgency to get through it; in all honesty, I’m finding Harriet Reisen’s biography of its author, Louisa May Alcott, is holding my attention better than the novel right now; and I realized that March was speeding along and putting me behind schedule on April and May reviews for Shelf Awareness, so I needed to juggle my calendar. and my books, a bit.

I’m even behind on reviews here, which doesn’t happen all that often–I still haven’t written up an audiobook I finished more than a week ago! If I’m feeling ambitious, I may try to knock that out today. Or not. I’m not officially participating in Bloggiesta this weekend, but I may tackle a couple of the mini-challenges just because they sound fun (and useful). I’ll see whether I feel more like reading, or writing, or blog-maintaining…or I may feel more like watching a movie than doing anything else. The Hobbit came out on DVD this past Tuesday, so there may be a Sunday matinee playing on our TV this afternoon.

My current audiobook-in-progress is part of a trilogy, and I’m not planning to write it up till I finish all three. It may take a while, though; my 13-year-old stepson Spencer and I are listening to it together during our drives to and from school, and I’m only listening to it when he’s with me. We’ve both read these in print before, and so far, we’re having a good time reading them by ear together.

The Hitchhiker's Guide, books 1-3, via LibraryThing
shown in reverse order

This will be my first re-read of Life, the Universe and Everything since college, and since it was my least favorite of the original trilogy I’m curious to discover whether I’ll like it better this time around. We’re about 2/3 through The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy right now, and I’m appreciating being reminded of just how much influence it’s had on the sensibilities (and sense of humor) of a couple of generations of geeks.

I think it may be another slow week of blogging, but it’s Birthday Week–if I gift myself with a little break, I hope y’all won’t begrudge me! The day itself is this Friday, the 29th, and I’ll be celebrating it in Anaheim with Tall Paul in genuinely geeky style.

WonderCon 2013, Anaheim CA

The last time we got our geek on in public, it looked like this. It may again next weekend (or some of next weekend, anyway.)
The Doctor and his wife, Gallifrey One, February 2013

Hope you’re having a good first Sunday of Spring!

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