A Few Things I'm Loving Right Now #ValentinesDay

This is not the post I’d originally planned for today, but I decided that particular book review might be better scheduled on a day that’s not Valentine’s Day–I’ve bumped it to next week (because it’s not for a tour or a book club, so I can).

I suppose my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday could count as my “official” Valentine’s Day post, but I thought today might be a nice time to mention a few of my favorite things these days. (Disclosure: I have received NO incentives or payments to mention any of these products; I spent my own money on them. This post is not sponsored in any way.)

Music from Les Misรฉrables

Music From The Motion Picture LES MISERABLES (screencap from iTunes)

I’ve seen the movie three times and can’t get the music out of my head. The fact that there are recurring melodic themes in quite a few of the songs helps them stick, but having the soundtrack in frequent rotation in iTunes is probably also a factor. Do you hear the people sing?

E-books on the iPad
Screencap of my iBooks library
I officially retired my Kindle (through Amazon’s Trade-in Program) late last year. Between the Kindle, Nook, and iBooks apps on my iPad, I just wasn’t using a dedicated e-reader very much. And when I read e-books on the iPad, I discovered I like the reading experience best in iBooks; I’m reading e-books more regularly now than I ever did. (Damn, Apple, you got something else right!)

Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Stick (www.thebodyshop-usa.com)

Yes, I realize I live somewhere that doesn’t really have much in the way of “winter,” but whether it’s a function of the season, age, or both, I seem to be fighting with patchy dry skin a lot this year. This stuff is really helping.

Greek yogurt

Yopa! Strawberry Greek Yogurt with Granola (www.yopa.com)

I know it’s kind of a thing these days, but considering how many years I was hostile to the “yogurty” taste of yogurt, I’m quite surprised that I like this stuff as much as I do! I’m trying to eat more protein and it’s a very good source, but I wouldn’t eat it so cheerfully if I didn’t actually enjoy how it tastes.

Powering down

I talked about this a bit this past Sunday (“The Online Trend of Going Offline”), but this weekend I expect to be doing a fair amount of it. We’re going to the Gallifrey One Convention to celebrate all things Doctor Who during its 50th-anniversary year.

I'll be "The Doctor's Wife" in my TARDIS pinafore
Formalwear for Whovians

I hope to come back with blogfodder, but I don’t plan to turn it into much while I’m there (except for maybe some Instagram updates). I’m bringing some books for downtime, but my goal is to be where I am…and not so much in the online space, for the next few days.

See you soon! Happy Valentine’s Day, and tell us about something you’re loving right now!

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