Five for Friday–The Return of the Link Roundup!

Rebelmouse, via
If you follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook, you know I share a lot of links (it’s most of what I do on Twitter most days, actually–thank you, Buffer!). I like passing along worthwhile reads, and I feel that it helps compensate for my being a spotty blog commenter. But it’s easy to miss things in the social-media stream, and sometimes I honestly can’t remember what I’ve already put out there, so it’s nice that I have a place that collects and keeps track of it all: my Rebelmouse site. (You can get one of your own, and follow others’ sites too!) 

Rebelmouse is an aggregator designed to be your “social media front page,” and you have full control over what to show there and how it looks. I’ve added a “Stuff to Share” page tab at the top of the blog that links to mine, if you feel like trolling around…

Profligate social-media sharing is the main reason I quit doing link roundups here on the blog, but every now and then I miss them! I think Rebelmouse will make it easier for me to bring them back on occasion, and it’s helping me offer some “if you missed this, go check it out” recommended reading to you today:

"Bookmarks: Recommended Reading" badge

Happy Friday!

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