Post #1799: Finishing Unfinished Business

As you probably inferred from the title, I’m on the threshold of another posting milestone–one that probably doesn’t mean much except that it’s another number ending in zero. However, it did prompt me to calculate whether I’d reach 2000 posts here by my 6th blogiversary on March 16, 2013. That would require daily posting for the next 134 days, with two new posts on 66 of those days…which is seriously unlikely to happen, so those two milestones will not coincide. And this pre-milestone post is essentially a placeholder to catch up on a few unrelated matters.

Matter #1:
In case you missed it, yesterday was National Author’s Day (November 1, every year since 1949). It was also the day that the winners of the first Shirley You Jest! Book Awards were announced–and in case you missed that too, here they are, no joking:

Shirley LOL (1st place): 

Fiction: Pickin’ Tomatoes by J.W. Bull

Nonfiction: Ketchup is a Vegetable: And Other Lies Moms Tell Themselves by Robin O’Bryant 

Shirley HAH (2nd place):

Fiction: What Would Satan Do? by Anthony Miller 

Nonfiction: Confessions of an Edgy Suburban Mom by Pam Grimes

Shirley You Jest! Book Awards official logo

Presented by Liz D Publicity & Promotions, the SYJ! Book Awards were created to honor books by self-published and traditionally published independent authors that “bring the funny.”  Authors of fiction and non-fiction with strong comedic and humorous elements were invited to enter the 2012 contest to win book-promotion opportunities from its sponsors. Entries for the next contest will be accepted beginning June 1, 2013.

(Disclosure: I was a Nonfiction judge in the first round of the SYJ! Book Awards. and although I didn’t review any of the contenders I considered, I’m excited that my submission to the finals scored the HAH!)

Matter #2:
My #FMSPhotoaday participation was spotty during October, but I wanted share five of my favorite pictures from the month (not all from the daily photo meme, but all previously posted on Instagram).

#FMSPhotoday 10/7/2012: Light
#FMSPhotoday 10/7/2012: Light (effects edited with Picfx)
Collage: ACS Relay for Life, 10/13/2012, Simi Valley, CA
Seen at ACS Relay for Life, 10/13/2012, Simi Valley, CA (collage created with PicFrame)

Grandmother/Granddaughter, 10/7/2012
Grandmother/Granddaughter, 10/7/2012 (collage created with PicFrame)
#FMSPhotoaday, 10/18/2012: "Made you smile today"
#FMSPhotoaday, 10/18/2012: “Made you smile today.” Jack lives at my stepkids’ other house (effects edited with Picfx)

#FMSPhotoaday 10/19/2012: Letters
#FMSPhotoaday 10/19/2012: Letters (effects edited with Picfx)

Matter #3:
This won’t actually be finished till 2 AM this Sunday (11/4)–Daylight Savings Time is ending! Remember to set your clocks back one hour, and claim that extra sleep time this weekend!

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