(More or Less) Wordless Wednesday: Observations

Tall Paul and I took a few extra days off for Thanksgiving (he’s still off, lucky guy!), and spent most of one of them checking out the views of the city and the stars–the sky kind, not the Hollywood kind–at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.

This telescope is open to the public in the evenings. During daylight hours, it’s easier to see stars at one of the planetarium shows.
You can take a tour of the solar system in the Depths of Space exhibits:
This is a very precise timepiece, especially by sundial standards
The Observatory is known for being one of the best places to view the city. Unfortunately, much of the city was hidden by haze the day we visited.
Observing the Hollywood sign from the Observatory
And we unexpectedly ended up in a crowd of people on the roof observing a marriage proposal! She said yes, by the way.
The Griffith Observatory is open to the public Wednesday–Sunday, and admission is free except for planetarium shows. It’s far from a city secret, but it’s easy to forget what a fine–and cheap!–place it is for a weekend outing.

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