Once More, With Changes: Please UPDATE YOUR FEED SUBSCRIPTION (now powered by FeedBlitz)!

If you changed your feed-reader subscription to The 3 R’s Blog to Feedcat per my post last week, it will no longer work after today, because it really wasn’t working anyway. If you didn’t resubscribe then, please do it now! Based on good reports from other users, I’ve joined the exodus to Feedblitz. Sorry to have to ask you to do this crazy thing one more time, but if I’ve made the right call this time, I hope I won’t ask you again!

Odds are that you’ve seen a few blogs post during the last week or so asking you to resubscribe to a blog’s feed due to the eminent departure of Feedburner. This is one more. I apologize for having to ask this of you, but it should be quick and mostly painless!

Google, which own Feedburner, is apparently on the verge of shutting down the service, although they  stillhaven’t officially informed users of it. It appears that Feedburner feeds still work for now, but word on the street puts their end date at October 20. (Is it all part of their super-secret sneaky plan to lure everyone to Google+?)

RSS feed reader icon (via iconspedia.com)

The blog feed is now set up through Feedblitz. If you prefer to read posts from The 3 R’s Blog in your favorite feed reader, please click through to www.3rsblog.com and click the little blue button in the sidebar–left side, right near the top, you can’t miss it!–to get your Feedblitz subscription options:

New posts will no longer be sent to the Feedburner feed, so please update your subscription as soon as possible!

Chances are that the Feedburner feeds will just stop on their own, it’s probably not necessary to unsubscribe from those, but I’d suggest you go ahead and add the new feeds as soon as possible–not just for this blog, but for everyone else who’s asked you to do so!

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