Picture It: Flea Market Finds (of the oddball kind)

You probably already figured this out, but I’m having a “not much time to write” week, so the photoblogs are running hot and heavy right now! Tall Paul and I visited the monthly Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena last Sunday, and we mostly came back with pictures.

The flea market can be some inexpensive entertainment…

stilt walker at Rose Bowl Flea Market, 10/14/2012unicyclist at Rose Bowl Flea Market (10/14/2012)

…especially if you find bad decor entertaining…

Rose Bowl Flea Market furniture vendors
…and pop-culture artifacts…
Star Trek character toys
A Klingon, a starship commander, and a Ferengi walk into in a bar…
…not to mention freaky-looking figures and scary dolls.
Assorted collectible dolls and figures, Rose Bowl Flea Market (10/12/2012)

(Some things may be best appreciated if you’re a fan of Oddities.)
All photos taken by me using Camera + on iPhone. Photos edited with the iPhoto app for iOS and Picfx. Collages built with PicFrame on iPad.

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