Scenes From a Sunday Drive; or, Why We Come to California

These photos were taken driving south on the Pacific Coast Highway from Point Mugu, north of Malibu, to Santa Monica on the Sunday morning of Labor Day weekend. They were edited using iPhoto, but primarily for cropping, composition, and brightness adjustments–I haven’t enhanced the colors.

Pacific Ocean off Point Mugu, 9/2/2012
The PCH cuts between the rocks here at Point Mugu. You may have seen this spot in many car commercials…
Pacific Coast Highway and the ocean off Point Mugu, 9/2/2012

Surf is way up near Point Mugu
Pacific Ocean surf splashes off Point Mugu, 9/2/2012
Highway signs over PCH, Santa Monica
Down in Santa Monica, later the same morning
In the sky over Santa Monica, 9/2/2012
Holiday weekend crowds hit the Santa Monica Pier
Holiday weekend at the Santa Monica Pier, 9/2/12

My daily routines don’t offer the chance to spend many sunny mornings on the coast, but when we do get an opportunity to seize the day–and the day is just what the Convention and Visitors Bureau ordered–I understand and remember the lure of Southern California. Scenes like this are why people come here, and part of why–despite the traffic, sprawl, crowds, cost of living, and general screwed-up-ness–some of us don’t leave.

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