Picturing August, part 1: #photoaday

I’m doing the #photoaday meme again this month, and since we’re halfway through August, I’m posting a few of my favorites here. My daily updates for the meme are on Instagram and shared to Twitter and Facebook, should you be interested in seeing them as they happen rather than in blog roundups.

Fountains at The Americana at Brand, Glendale, California

Spare change in the cupholder of my car

In my mother-in-law’s patio garden

A sneak peek through the open door of an apartment down the street from my office. I do gripe about my daily commute into LA, but at least the scenery’s more interesting than a suburban office park.

I took the next picture the same morning but didn’t end up using it for #photoaday; I think it came from this apartment, and seeing it on the street was what caught my attention in the first place.

(Should this have a sign on it saying it’s not open to the public?)

This was taken at the Memphis Zoo in May 2007, and is the first #photoaday I posted after editing with the iPhoto app on the iPad. The big white arrow points to the Administration building, where I had an office for four years. When I describe a place as “a zoo,” I know from personal experience.

I’ve gotten a few questions about how I’m adding text to my photos. I’m using Phonto, a free mobile app for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android devices. It’s well worth the price!

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