Sunday Salon: Stream of Consciousness Edition

It’s a mostly lazy Sunday around here, and that includes staying out of the kitchen! We went out for breakfast and will be going out again for dinner–my stepkids are about to start two weeks’ vacation with their mom, so we asked them to pick a special place to eat tonight. Right now, they’re playing on the Wii with their dad and I’m in my reading chair in the corner, although I haven’t done much reading yet today. I’ve prepared some pictures for August’s #photoaday meme (yes, I think I’m doing it again–it’s pretty addictive!), played a little Words With Friends, and worked on this post.

Speaking of #photoaday, today’s prompt is “last thing you bought.” My most recent shopping that wasn’t at the grocery store fed my two biggest addictions–clothes and books:

This will be a slow posting week on the blog, but I hope to start picking up the pace again next month. The big work projects are winding down, which should open up more reading-and-writing time, and I’m taking a long weekend off two weeks from now. Unfortunately, Tall Paul couldn’t get the same time off, so our getaway plans got away from us–but since we’ll be staying at home, I may seize the opportunity for bookish escape instead. August 10-13–Mini-Readathon, anyone?

Time to put the iPad down and put this post up. The book I’m reading for my next Shelf Awareness review is starting off well, and I’m off to spend some more time with it now. Hope you’re having a good Sunday!

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