Picturing July, part 2: #photoaday and #DailyBookPic

My posting in the #DailyBookPic meme has dropped off a bit in the latter half of July, since I’m not participating if I don’t have something appropriate to the prompt. However, I did make it into the roundup on Book Riot on one of the days when I joined in last week!

#DailyBookPic day 19: Reading Glasses

#DailyBookPic day 14: Picture book (THE WIZARD OF OZ, pop-up edition)

I haven’t missed a day of #photoadayjuly, though, and I’m having a lot of fun with it. I haven’t yet decided whether I’ll do it again next month, but I don’t guess I really HAVE to decide yet, do I? Here are a few of my favorites from the last couple of weeks.

#photoadayjuly Day 16: Sign

#photoadayjuly Day 21: 9 o'clock (or close enough!)

#photoadayjuly Day 18: Plate

#photoadayjuly Day 20: Eyes

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