Bloggiesta Report Card: Missions Accomplished (and not)

How was your Bloggiesta? Did you do the things you thought you would? Let me compare my plans vs. reality:

Bloggiesta logo

Posts prepared for this week: 2, including this one; 2 more outlined and in progress
All reviews posted on Goodreads: done!
Mobile mini-challenge: done, using both tablet and smartphone! (I composed the post in BlogPress on the iPad, saved it as an online draft, retrieved the draft in BlogPress on the iPhone, added the pictures from the phone’s camera roll, and then published it)
Other mini-challenges: (Strikeouts mean I didn’t get to them at all)
I’m already doing many of the things in this challenge–I have a Pinterest account, a “Pin It” button on posts, and link to my Pinterest profile in the sidebar. The problem is I rarely pin anything that comes from my own blog, because I use Pinterest more for reference than promotion, so this will have to be a longer-term strategy modification. However, I did start a Pinterest board for my Shelf Awareness reviews, and pinned a few books to it as I was updating my Goodreads list.

Do you want to join Pinterest, but need an invite? E-mail me at 3.rsblog AT Gmail DOT com--I have a few to hand out!
I “SEO-optimized” my February 2011 review of The Warmth of Other Suns and saved April’s challenge post for reference. Some of the steps she mentions are things I already do, but I’m going to work on incorporating more of her recommendations into more of my posts. Fortunately, Blogger has just added tools to make this easier (but as I understand it, it’s still a ways from catching up with WordPress).
I couldn’t actually do this challenge since I’m current on reviews, but I’ve saved the post for reference. I’m already following the “have a format” tip–I’ve had one for a while.

Another post I’ve saved for another challenge I didn’t end up doing. It didn’t fit into my Bloggiesta goals this time, but I think it will be very useful for future reference!

One more saved for reference, but that’s as far as it got this time has made some changes since the last time I used it, and its website and blog-grading tools have been re-worked as “Marketing Grader.” Those changes have dropped my blog score from the mid-90s to 80%, but the feedback and advice from the process remain valuable. This is a fast, free, and informative exercise, and one worth repeating periodically.

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